Nanotech and Water

Providing affordable and clean water for meeting the needs of human life is one of the biggest challenges that every century has faced. And due to this Water Reuse has been around for years but the key technology or the process has not changed much significantly. Nanotechnology provides opportunities in developing next-generation aqua treatment systems with the application of several nonmaterial’s like metal nanoparticles, carbon compounds, metal oxides, filtration membranes, zeolite, etc.

Today, only 30 percent of all the freshwater on the planet isn’t locked up in the form of ice. Out of which, around 20 percent is in areas which are too remote for the humans to access the same and out of the remaining 80 percent around 2/3 arrives at wrong time and place in the form of monsoons and floods and is also isn’t captured always by people.

Nanotechnology in water treatment promises to not just overcome the key challenges faced by present treatment processes but also in providing innovative treatment capabilities which could enable economic utilization of alternative water sources in expanding the overall supply. Nanomaterials are a cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to the present treatment materials, from the viewpoint of both environmental remediation and resource conservation. The importance of the water treatment, management, and their disposal is increasing gradually in the recent times, and it has become a foremost concern for the public health and scientific interest.

Nanotechnology water filter system holds prime potential in advancing and improving the treatment efficiency together with augmenting the supply with the safe utilization of unconventional sources of water. The use of nano-fibers, like those fabricated by electrospinning, provides one possible solution for the current complications to dependable treatment. Nanotechnology is used for developing high-performance and more cost-effective water treatment systems, together with the instant and continuous ways for monitoring the quality of water, among others. Nanotechnology involves a multidisciplinary development and research area, bringing together physicists, chemists, engineers, and biotechnologists to work towards enhancing the aqua quality.

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While nanotechnology is deliberated as the new buzzword by the scientific community, info concerning the subject remains largely fragmented and dispersed because of the comparative novelty of this technology. But the rising trends of researchers so far has made this clear that the nanotechnology holds enormous potential for developing a very potent water treatment means of this century.

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